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happy breeds happy

Happiness is what we create for our clients, whether achieving solid business results, delighting their brands’ audiences or helping them become heroes in
their own organisations.

We work hard for this happiness because we know that complacency in any relationship is a complete passion killer. We also know that different things make different people happy, which is why we work in partnership with each of our clients to define and deliver campaigns and specialised teams which achieve this.

We’ve chosen to remain proudly independent because the things that make shareholders happy and successful can be different from the things which make clients and staff happy and successful…

it’s a philosophy that has made us happy and successful for over 25 years

Australia’s most
successful non-award
winning agency

We don’t enter awards – we never have. We believe in rewards not awards.

The reward of achieving great results; the rewarding thrill of creativity that breaks through; the reward of happy clients who stay with us for many, many years. That’s the true trophy of success.

It’s not that we don’t like awards – we think they’re lovely and would probably go well with the wallpaper (in fact the ones which we won by accident do) – we just feel happier putting all that time sucked into awards entries into creating something less self-serving. Something our staff and clients can be really proud of.

Each year the Hausmann Group, on behalf of our clients, transforms all of the time, money and effort which would have been invested in awards entries, into a long-term partnership with Career Trackers, to provide indigenous students employment opportunities through education and workplace experience.

It may sound crazy, but this makes us happier than a shiny lump of metal ever could.

Great PR is when other people say good things about you…
it’s no coincidence that so much of our new business comes through client referral.

  • Hausmann is absolutely the best in the business. They have the creative genius, the tenacity and the secret weapon that is Judi Hausmann; who is like Harvey Keitel's The Wolf in Pulp Fiction - only infinitely more stylish and sophisticated! With a sizzling reputation, Hausmann attracts and keeps world class talent and are awesomely fun to work with. For game-changing results, there is no better place to entrust your PR budget.
    - Heather Potter, PR Manager, Boost Juice
  • I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the Hausmann team over the last couple of years and they are a great bunch of people. They not only do great work but they also have a great understanding of our business and our challenges – and always call it how it is. For that reason they are a truly trusted and highly valued partner.
    - Craig Garvan, CEO of Parmalat
  • The Hausmann team is responsive and collaborative, acting more like a part of our in-house communications team than an outsourced agency. For a nimble company like amaysim it’s critical to have partners we can rely on to challenge and push us, instead of taking on client briefs without question. The Hausmann team delivers on this in spades.
    - Gerard Mansour, Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications, amaysim
  • I consider the team at Hausmann to be an extension of us. They are passionate about our brand and understand our challenges intimately. Their contribution goes well beyond the standard PR remit and many of their campaigns have made a tangible difference to both our brand equity and our bottom line.
    - Heather Murphy, Head of PR Specsavers
  • I have always enjoyed working with Hausmann, which is why I keep coming back for more. No matter what industry I’m in or what portfolio of brands I’m responsible for, I always feel the team delivers strong and inspired thinking designed to make a difference. I also really appreciate their calm and capable influence in an increasingly complex world!
    - Catherine Tan, Ex-Marketing Director, Goodman Fielder
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we believe that great relationships should
create more than the sum of their parts

Hausmann is proudly in a very happy relationship with Ketchum – in fact we’ve gone exclusive – as their sole Australian affiliate. This means that while we enjoy the nimbleness and spirit which being independent brings, we have access to a huge global pool of marketing thinkers and doers, tools and expertise usually only afforded to our multinational friends.
The best of both worlds.
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