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Helga’s Lower Carb: Final Carbdown to Summer Campaign

With more Australians wanting to reduce their intake of carbohydrates from bread in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, Goodman Fielder created Helga’s Lower Carb with more seeds and less wheat.  But as a relatively new entrant to the bread market, consumer awareness of the 25% lower carb product was relatively low.  In the lead up to summer, Goodman Fielder wanted to make its Lower Carb Bread relevant and topical to motivate trial. 

To explain Helga’s Lower Carb to new consumers, we realised we needed to have a conversation about nutrition. But we also knew our audience wasn’t interested in a nutrition lesson.  We needed to find a way to explain the lower carb bread benefit in a simple, easy to understand way.  But with many voices (both brands and experts) spruiking seemingly conflicting nutritional advice and competing for our consumers’ attention, it was important to find a way for Helga’s Lower Carb to stand out.

We did this by recruiting Australia’s latest health and fitness expert and star of The Bachelor, Sam Wood, to create a simple lower carb meal and exercise plan featuring Helga’s Lower Carb bread to encourage Australians to carbdown for summer.

In his first major brand endorsement, Sam Wood developed the 30-day meal and exercise plan complete with recipes and simple swaps to show consumers how to incorporate Helga’s Lower Carb into a healthy diet.  The plan was hosted on a microsite and launched and promoted through an earned, owned and paid media strategy.  Select journalists were invited to preview the plan during a personal one-on-one training session with the celebrity gym owner.  Images from a photoshoot were strategically placed with key media. Recipes and accompanying images (including a ‘Sam Loves Parmigiana’ dish) from the plan were offered to online and print titles.  On social the campaign was launched with a clever meme post, paying homage to Ryan Gosling, followed by recipe posts linking through to the 30-day meal and exercise plan microsite – all supported with a smart highly targeted paid media strategy. Sam promoted the plan through his own social channels including supporting a consumer competition to win a personal one-on-one training session with him.

In all the campaign worked to achieve more than 45 million earned media impressions (more than double the KPI). Across 10 Facebook posts, we achieved a reach of 1.3 million on the platform which triggered over 12,000 visits to the microsite and an engagement rate of 4.3%.


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