April 12th 2018

5 you may have missed in March

Here’s a round up of what’s caught our eye in the world of marketing communications. This month we have:

#1 – Messenger marketing, the next frontier for business growth

A few years ago we were quoted in Marketing Magazine predicting that the evolution of social was going to be private. Today there are more signs than ever that this is the case. Messaging apps represent the most popular use of mobile devices, surpassing even social media. In 2017, the four main messaging apps had more active users than the four main social platforms. There are now seven billion conversations happening every day on Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users sending more than 60 billion messages per day and so on… This article in AdWeek explains in simple words why all marketers should be thinking about harnessing the power of private messaging.

#2 – Decoding social media algorithms

Increasingly our lives seem to be dictated by algorithms. Algorithms that decide what you should see when searching on Google, scrolling through your social feeds, listening to music on Spotify or even watching Netflix on TV. The reality is social and digital algorithms are becoming central to everything we do and there isn’t a magical formula to understand how they work. In this guide, Ste Davis uses a combination of publicly disclosed information, third-party research, a few basic assumptions and a little common sense to shed some light on how the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube algorithms work. Definitely one to bookmark!

#3 – The rise of ‘InstaLiars’

What if we told you there’s a one in 10 chance the influencers you follow on Instagram aren’t actually that influential? These are the ‘InstaLiars’, the so-called influencers with thousands of fake and inactive followers. A recent study by social media technology company Hypetap highlights the high proportion of Australian influencers using suspicious activities to beef up their follower numbers and engagement levels in order to attract brands. Travel, men’s fashion and women’s fashion seem to be the categories with the most ‘InstaLiars’. Lucky we can count on real and honest influencers such as Lauren Bath, Luc Wiesman from Dmarge and Caroline Høgh Groth to demonstrate that there is still plenty of good in the influencer world. If you are interested to know more about how we work with influencers and the process that we go through to avoid ‘InstaLiars’ feel free to get in touch!

#4 – What you need to know about Cambridge Analytica?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last two weeks, you would have heard of Cambridge Analytica, the firm pioneering “behavioural microtargeting”. Cambridge Analytica also happened to harvest more than 50 million Facebook profiles without approval to influence the US election, Brexit and several other political and economic events of global importance. In this very detailed investigation, Channel 4 News explains all the things you should know about the case. It’s fascinating and explains why the #DeleteFacebook movement has become so popular!

#5 – The evolving marketer

A recent report by NewBase reveals how the functions and preoccupations of CMOs are changing globally. Over eight in ten (82%) CMOs say their role has become more focused on financial results and almost two thirds (63%) say their key priority is to drive growth for the business. In fact business growth and financial acumen are becoming such a prevalent part of the job that some companies are renaming their CMOs as CGOs (Chief Growth Officers). The study also highlights the importance for CMOs (or CGOs) to make sure that analytics and creative work hand in hand to drive business success.

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